Last year, my husband and I sold our big house and bought land to build a tiny home & start a mini-farm. So when I’m not roaming out west with my couples, you’ll find me on the homestead in North Carolina. Feeding chickens, hanging with my mini donkey, or out riding the horses. We strive to live a simple, fulfilled life. And it hasn’t steered us wrong yet.

Teaming up with you & your soulmate, capturing moments that make your heart beat hard and fast on a day that’s all about you. That’s my shit. And throw an unreal location into the mix? Now you’re speaking my love language.

“Hailey was the most incredible photographer we've ever worked with. She's a creative genius."

"She captured all of the real, genuine moments from our elopements and I'll cherish these photos forever."

- Alyssa B.

Sartorial flexitarian drinking vinegar chicharrones, live-edge irony cliche.


Life is short and time moves fast. I want to help you pause. All-consumed by your love for each other. However and wherever feels right to you. No drama. No stress. Just you & what you want.